There’s a fun little tool going around that graphs a webpage, mapping the connections to and within it. Peter did one today on The Age To Come, and it reminded me of the little plant “Cleavers”. The map highlights the sort of organic way in which we interact with the internet with one connection leading to another to another, and seemingly random bits and pieces can begin to make sense when viewed after-the-fact.

We’ve made a couple of “weighty” decisions recently, and have another one, concerning where to live, that we are waiting for guidance on. I started praying about it this morning, thinking also about the internet and the way tiny links can lead to life-changing connections, and realized my prayer couldn’t stop with the “big” decisions, because how do we know what is large in the scheme of God’s plan for our lives? So often it’s the smallest things, the casual word, the series of seeming inconsequential steps over time, that make all the difference. And then of course I quickly realized that the mass of detail, each of which really really matters, would overwhelm me, pull my mind into a morass of confusion, an inescapable black hole – if it weren’t for God. My prayer, today, ended up being just “Help, please help”. And just as suddenly, The Comforter patted me, and my confusion evaporated.

I don’t know what the decision will be, but am not longer (at least for now) concerned about it. God will assure that the serendipitous series of events occur to lead us truly.