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“Karma kar, phal ki chinta na kar.” I’m sure most people reading this will recognise at least one word there- “karma“. A large part of the world’s religious philosophy is built around that concept, of doing good works for one’s spiritual well-being. The line in italics means “Do your duty, do not worry about the fruit of your works.” It is advice from the Bhagavad Gita, one of the greatly loved Hindu texts. When I was younger, I was much inspired by Gandhi’s version of this verse, and I used to scribble it inside my notebooks and diaries (as if it was the secret source of my strength.. lol).

Do read all of this excellent essay about the “Grace vs Law” question. I think a lack of understanding of these questions can present some of the great stumbling blocks for Christians and non-Christians alike. Diana provides some good talking points – and answers!