Diana, Sharla, and friends are hosting a common scripture reading of the book of Proverbs during February. They are inviting all interested to join in – even people like me who don’t know them yet! – so do enjoy the readings, and chime in on Diana’s blog if you like! 🙂

Some of my thoughts on today’s reading of Proverbs 2:

God speaks to us through His Word, and through the action of the Holy Spirit, He leads us into understanding.

But this is never as divination or magic: the whole bible comes together rationally. Here, in Proverbs, is a focus on wisdom as the key: if we seek wisdom, THEN we will gain understanding and knowledge; once God gives us wisdom, THEN we’ll understand what rightness and justice really are.

There’s that algebra again: we can’t really understand until we learn – and we can’t learn unless we study, and study requires being willing to receive wisdom from those who do know that yes, algebra does indeed exist, and does indeed produce correct answers – no matter how bizarre the formula may seem.

There’s no gnosticism here, no “secrets for the few”: the promises of God, through Jesus Christ, are open to all people. All we have to do is want that, is to seek Him. What marvelous, yet commonplace qualities God promises those who seek His wisdom: discretion, integrity, understanding, the ability to recognize an honest man, and not be deceived by slick messaging. The confidence of wisdom that we follow wise counsel for a good life, and not fall prey to the siren call of trendiness and novelty.