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Those who come here looking for the Galley Gab will appreciate this from Dave Hughes, posted to the Letpress listserve:

The March edition of the Metal Type newsletter is now out.

This month’s video was filmed at the National Railway Museum in York, showing a huge steam locomotive that was built for the Chinese railways in 1935.

The big Metal Type news this month is the opening of the “Library” – a new section of the site, containing lots of useful documents, instruction manuals, etc. in PDF format.

There’s also all 12 copies of “Galley Gab” magazine available for download. You can browse individual issues or download all 12 in a Zip file.

Click the link below to take a look:

The industrious, illustrious Mike O’Connor has outdone himself. Not only is he producing a wonderful new monthly Letterpress magazine online, but he has also created a domain to make it easily accessible:

The February Galley Gab is out! Articles include a great story about Jim Daggs’ introduction to letterpress as a hobby at age 12. Daggs is the owner of Ackley Publishing, a commercial printing house with several employees. Mike Anderson’s article on typeface design is a concise introduction into “how it’s done”.

Mike publishes The Galley Gab for the APA, but welcomes and encourages readers from all over. Check it out, and do let Mike know what you think!

UPDATE March 3 2008: There’s a new URL for viewing Galley Gab archives. Please see this post to learn more: