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As i was walking to Church yesterday morning i saw a young boy jumping in the puddles with his mother watching on.  I smiled at the lady and said ‘that looks fun’.  Her reply was to sigh, and explain that it takes a long time to get anywhere.  As i walked away i heard the little guy say ‘look at the leaves’.
I was struck by how i can walk along that stretch of road and not take in the beauty of the leaves, the marvel of the shape of the water puddles, the birds flying above.  That child showed me that i rush too much and should take more time over things, so that i don’t miss God around me.
As i run around saying ‘God, where are you’, He may very well be waiting to speak to me through the people and things i go past everyday, only i’m going to quickly to notice!

If I only read one blog, Father Stephen’s “Glory to God for All Things” would probably be THE one. Uplifting, thought-provoking, moving – his posts are a welcome part of the day. Today’s post “The God of the Waters” is a good example:

….To stand by a lake and shout the word of God, to call His name over the waters, is like standing in the midst of Hades and shouting, “Ally, ally, in come free!” (I know there are hundreds of innovations of that child’s call that ends the game of hide and seek – this was our Southern variant). But there is a word of hope being called out to creation that shares in our bondage. This lake, these trees, these sluggish winter fish, all will be partakers of the glorious liberty of the sons of God. This is God’s promise and it is a joy to stand outside and shout it.

Do read it all!

From the LetPress Discussion List:

There is a new letterpress publication. It isn’t printed letterpress
(!) and it’s not even printed on paper! (What are we coming to?) The
publication’s name is Galley Gab and published by me, Mike
It’s initial audience is the membership of the Amalgamated Printers’ Association (APA) but subject matter is and will be of interest to all involved in letterpress. It is open to all who are interested in letterpress.

If you wish to see a copy (PDF file—712 KB), send an email TO THE ADDRESS BELOW.


I’ve seen the first issue of the Galley Gab, and it is great! Whether your interest is printing, typography or design, do check it out.

For those who have a printing press, the APA (Amalgamated Printers Association) is a wonderful organization that enables the exchange of printed work – inspiring both newbies and pros, and keeping printers connected with one another.

For all kinds of amateur printing, writing and publishing (including desktop), both the AAPA (American Amateur Press Association) and the NAPA (National Amateur Press Association) are really excellent organizations. I’m a member of the AAPA, and the monthly bundles are better than any magazine. The organization is not only family friendly, but family-welcoming, with a special emphasis on attracting members who home-school, providing opportunity to experience and develop their journalism skills, warmly encouraging young people and their work.